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Video transcript:
Hello everyone,
My name is Klaus and I’m the Chief Marketing Officer at eMarketeer.
We’ve been working behind the scenes for quite some time now and we’re proud to announce that we’re officially back at it when it comes to the blogging game here at eMarketeer. For those of you who’ve been with us since the start, you may remember our earlier blog venture; now that we’ve re-launched emarketeer.com with a brand new look and feel it’s only fitting that we jump back into things.
I wanted to make sure that those producing content for this blog are a mix of internal and external sources.
Each will be experts within their field and have a strong passion to share their knowledge and inspirations with you.
The first few posts that we’re launching with sets the direction and tone for what’s to come: A variety of topics and perspectives on things that are important to you and your ambitions around doing great marketing.
As we add content and authors to the blog you will find us covering all the aspects of modern marketing: From the outbound focused strategies around email, mobile and social to the heart of inbound and content driven marketing as well as marketing automation and sales enablement through nurture campaigns, behavior based segmenting and lead qualification. In a nutshell we’ll cover how you generate interest in your business, what you do with that interest when it shows up on your website and how you turn it into qualified and informed leads for sales. We’ll cover the outbound, the inbound and the automation just like eMarketeer does.
My hope is that this blog will become a useful source of relevant information for you, which lends knowledge and perspective to your work and passion for marketing.
Before you dive in to the blog make sure to sign up to receive updates on new posts straight to your inbox by dropping your email in the form to the right.
I look forward to hearing your feedback, questions and ideas for posts in the comments below.
On behalf of the current and future authors  – Welcome to the blog.

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