The all-in-one marketing tool focused on leads

Build marketing campaigns. Generate, manage and deliver qualified leads to sales. Measure success and grow your business.

Serving over 1000 companies with high growth ambitions

Multi channel marketing at your fingertips

Build and combine multiple marketing components into beautiful, engaging and lead generating campaigns.
Simple and intuitive work flows ensures cost effectiveness and adaption in your business.

Get to know your leads with enriched company profiles

Company profiles are generated for each contact and enriched with open data from the web. Sit back while you’re served information such as industry, size, and location, as well as company lead score, employees, and their marketing engagement.

Nurture prospects to become sales ready leads

Effortlessly launch nurture campaigns targeting these leads who may not be quite ready to make a purchase. This is where you provide education and demonstrate value through engaging content and enticing promotional offers, guiding them through their decision-making journey.

Deliver qualified leads to the right sales person automatically

Help the sales team sell more. Use features like lead scoring to find relevant leads. The lead board then automatically feeds the sales team with qualified leads from the marketing campaigns and visualizes the process to move them closer to a sale.

Grow your business with marketing and lead management

From marketing to sales in one simple to use tool.

Full marketing suite

A complete marketing toolbox for online campaigns, website enablement, event management and much more.

Enriched data

Why ask for information you can get automatically through enrichment from public sources. We fill in the blanks.

Lead management

Deliver qualified leads with full marketing context to your sales team. No more plain lists.

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Lead Board Released

Deliver enriched qualified leads to the right sales teams 

Help the sales team sell more. Use features like lead scoring to find relevant leads. In the Kanban-style lead board, the sales team gets an overview of all marketing-qualified leads and a neat visualization of the sales processes. They get all information on how the lead engaged in marketing content and the tools to assign, further qualify and close the deal.

Success Story

I can take just one day to get everything done for the upcoming six months.

Marlene Rasmussen
Project Manager at ANFO

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Lead management for SuperOffice CRM

Learn how sales and marketing can work smarter together using eMarketeer.


Fully GDPR compliant

Our services, features and stored data are all constrained within the European Union. eMarketeer also manages your audience consent for storing, processing and marketing.

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