Lead Management

With eMarketeer’s lead management add-on, your sales teams get full insight into lead behaviour ensuring a smooth lead hand over.

The Lead Board

In the Kanban-style lead board, the sales team gets an overview of all marketing-qualified leads and a neat visualization of the sales processes.

Lead scoring

Identify marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and see how sales-ready they are. Set up the score rules and make the touch points start counting and hand over to sales.

Lead streams

Different streams for different teams. Each valuable marketing source (Campaign, Event, Form, Web visit etc) can be displayed and accessed for the right team and person.

Company enrichment

Let the data speak for itself. The more company information we can gather, the better. Let the insight boost your sales and marketing.

The Lead Management Process

A successful and efficient lead management process includes the following five steps.


Multi channel marketing at your fingertips

Build and combine multiple marketing components into beautiful, engaging and lead generating campaigns.
Simple and intuitive work flows ensures cost effectiveness and adaption in your business.

Get to know your leads with enriched company profiles

Company profiles are generated for each contact and enriched with open data from the web. Sit back while you’re served information such as industry, size, and location, as well as company lead score, employees, and their marketing engagement.

Nurture prospects to become sales ready leads

Effortlessly launch nurture campaigns targeting these leads who may not be quite ready to make a purchase. This is where you provide education and demonstrate value through engaging content and enticing promotional offers, guiding them through their decision-making journey.

Easy tools for powerful lead scoring

Efficiently qualifying leads is a crucial step in the eMarketeer process. We utilize a contact scoring model to rank your contacts based on their interest in your product or service, demographic data, buyer's journey stage, and engagement with your company

The Lead Board

Help the sales teams sell more. Use features like lead scoring to find relevant leads. In the Kanban-style lead board, the sales team gets an overview of all marketing-qualified leads and a neat visualization of the sales processes. They get all information on how the lead engaged in marketing content and the tools to assign, further qualify and close the deal.

The Crucial Role of Lead Management in B2B Success

In the realm of B2B, success isn't solely determined by the quality of your products or services, nor is it just about having a strong sales team. Success hinges on your ability to identify, nurture, and convert leads into loyal customers. Lead management is the driving force behind this process, and its importance cannot be overstated.

We made advanced Lead Management easy and fun to use

The Leadboard

The Leadboard enables sales teams to collaborate more effectively and make real-time adjustments to the lead process. Team members can easily move leads through the pipeline as they progress, providing everyone with a clear picture of where each lead stands and what actions are needed to move it forward.

Performance reporting

Unlock the full potential of your sales team with performance reports. Monitor lead conversion progress, from MQL to SQL to opportunity and finally won deals. Track the performance of your team and individual reps in real-time, and identify areas for improvement.

Contact insights

Contact insights from marketing to sales provide valuable customer data and can increase conversion rates, resulting in more efficient and effective sales strategies, with new business opportunities and high-value prospects identification.

Enriched company cards

Marketing-enriched company information enables sales teams to have a deeper understanding of their prospects and clients, and personalize their sales approach, leading to more successful sales engagement and higher conversion rates.

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