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Marlene Rasmussen
Project Manager at ANFO

"The best part with eMarketeer is that it’s so simple. I can take just one day to get everything done for the upcoming six months."

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Stefana Cozan
Marketing & Communications Officer IHS

"With eMarketeer, you can track almost exactly where the lead is at in the buying cycle and it’s nice to be able to send right information at the right moment."

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Robert Hagsten
Principal at Yrgo

"eMarketeer helps us save a lot more time and money, now 1 person can do what 7 people used to do. I would definitely recommend the eMarketeer tool.”

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Rikke Vestenbæk
Managing Director Impact Group

“The flexibility eMarketeer has given Impact Group has truly been priceless in order to succeed with this kind of

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Katrine Lundgreen Brix
Communication and Marketing Manager

“The knowledge you gain from your customers through the use of eMarketeer has proven to be of great value for our sales flow.”

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Jonas Carlson
Marketing Manager at Mitel Sweden

“The best part about eMarketeer is that it’s user-friendly. It’s that simple to learn how the tool works and to keep a good overview of your marketing campaigns.”

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Sandra Lindberg
Director Marketing, ABAX

“eMarketeer has helped us tie together sales and marketing in an easy and effective way! Now sales has exactly the same information and insight as marketing – directly in SuperOffice.”

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Misse Mørch
Project Manager for Opel Denmark

“Normally setting up something like this is very complicated. But in eMarketeer we have everything in one tool so that makes it very easy for us.”

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