eMarketeer for SuperOffice

With eMarketeer’s lead management add-on, the sales team gets the same insight as marketing into the lead’s interest.

Lead Management

Streamline your lead procees and close more deals. Look into digital footprints from different sources and validate the leads by automation.

Sales & marketing alignment

Let your sales & marketing teams work seamless together. The more insights and understanding, the better the performance.

Lead Generation

Access your lead sources and follow-up. Engage with your customer base and leads from you website to marketing campaigns and other channels.

Professional Lead Management

Unlock the full potential of your sales pipeline with efficient lead management.

The Leadboard

The Leadboard enable sales teams to collaborate more effectively and make real-time adjustments to the lead process. Team members can easily move leads through the pipeline as they progress, providing everyone with a clear picture of where each lead stands and what actions are needed to move it forward.

Performance reporting

Unlock the full potential of your sales team with our performance reports. Monitor lead conversion progress, from MQL to SQL to opportunity and finally won deals. Track the performance of your team and individual reps in real-time, and identify areas for improvement.

Contact insights

Contact insights from marketing to sales provide valuable customer data and can increase conversion rates, resulting in more efficient and effective sales strategies, with new business opportunities and high-value prospects identification.

Enriched company cards

Marketing-enriched company information enables sales teams to have a deeper understanding of their prospects and clients, and personalize their sales approach, leading to more successful sales engagement and higher conversion rates.

Sales & marketing alignment

Providing marketing insights to CRM enables more personalized and effective customer engagement and improves lead-to-customer conversion rate.

Enrich SuperOffice with contact and company insight panels

Contact insights from marketing to sales provide valuable customer data and can increase conversion rates, resulting in more efficient and effective sales strategies, with new business opportunities and high-value prospects identification.

Boost SuperOffice with marketing power!

With all marketing features included, you never have to think about buying add-ons for your marketing or learning new editors. If you can build an email, you can just as easily create a mobile app or a landing page. Simple, scalable and fun.

  • Email marketing

    Drag-and-drop editor, templates, stock images and top - notch deliverability.

  • Event management

    Invitations, reminders, apps and evaluations - keep it all in one place.

  • Marketing automation

    Automate your marketing based on your leads' behavior and interests.

  • Surveys & Evaluations

    Powerful multipage surveys and evaluations.

  • SMS marketing

    Reach your recipients wherever they are.

  • Mobile apps

    Use an app for your events or internal communications.

  • Landing pages

    Responsive landing pages that works perfect for, for example, events.

  • Sign up forms

    Intelligent call to action forms with the non intrusive captcha features

Email marketing tool for B2B businesses

Grow your business with email marketing

With stunning email templates, unlimited access to the stock image library, and top-notch deliverability technology, you can do email marketing that both you and your leads love. Use eMarketeer’s GDPR-compliant email marketing tool to grow your business, while the intuitive email editor makes the job easy and fun.

Get a quick start with email templates! With drag-and-drop simplicity, you easily customize the template to fit your brand and message. The emails are optimized to look great for all your recipients, whether they view them on desktop or mobile devices.

In the stock library, you find more than 2 million images and fonts that are free for you to use. Pick a photo (or upload your own) and use the editor to spice it up with filters or other graphical elements.

Ensure that your email marketing is always relevant by basing your send-outs on the recipients’ interests and behavior. With marketing automation, you deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

An email marketing tool you can trust. Firstly, you get the technology you need to collect and store data according to GDPR. Secondly, rely on our great sender reputation and certifications to give your emails the best shot at reaching your recipients.

See how each email performs with metrics such as opens, clicks, and devices used. You can also build your own campaign dashboard report to see the performance of the whole email campaign and learn which emails work the best.

Event management tool

All-in-one event management tool for a smooth event experience

Design, schedule, automate and execute your entire event process. Keep all event communications and information about your guests in the same place and get ready for a smooth event experience for you and your guests.

Event management has never been easier – it’s all handled in just one tool

Email invitations, registration forms, landing pages, reminder SMSs, barcode registrations, event app, and evaluations – here you build, schedule, and automate the entire event flow. The gallery of templates gets you a flying start. It truly doesn’t get any easier than this.

Engage your guests with an event app. You can build one in minutes.

Make event information like agenda, evaluations, and directions, easily accessble to your guest by using an app. Building an app is just as easy as creating an email. It works on all devices and is easy to edit information if needed.

Hosting another event? Just copy the whole event process.

Have another event up and running with just the click of a button, where all content, automations and settings are copied. You don’t even have to worry about updating the information in each content piece. You get the tools to have a whole campaign updated in minutes.

Form builder for surveys, sign-ups and evaluations

Smart forms for conversions and surveys

In need of GDPR-compliant sign-up forms? Would you like to survey your customers? Want to evaluate an event you just had? With eMarketeer’s form builder, you can build smart forms for anything that you need an answer to. Use the forms stand-alone or if you’d like to implement them on the website, that’s easily done as well.

Whether you want sign-up forms to capture leads or multi-page evaluations, this builder supports any form types you need. Customize them with different question types, like radio buttons, text answers, and ratings, and capture explicit consent according to GDPR

Use display rules to dynamically show or hide questions based on the respondents’ answers. By adding this type of intelligence, you can customize the forms to fit your needs and offer a good experience for the respondent.

Let the system do the follow-up processes for you. Depending on the respondent’s form answers, you can automatically send them the right feedback, trigger drip campaigns, and push data and activities to your CRM.

Marketing automation 

Send the right message at the right time automatically

Marketing automation is the key to always being relevant to your leads. By automating your processes, you not only free up more time to focus on content and strategy but it’s also easier to align your sales and marketing teams. And do you know what that means? This is the marketing automation platform that helps you find more leads and close more deals together.

There are endless possibilities on how you want to set up your automations flows. The automations work across your marketing channels and can be scheduled, giving you the opportunity to reach your leads at the right time and place.

By automating on lead behavior, like link clicks, form submissions, and specific form answers, the whole customer journey is tailored according to the leads’ interests. Automations can trigger actions such as activating email flows, sending follow-up emails, confirmation SMSs, and much more.

Marketing automation is more than sending relevant information to your leads. It also streamlines your internal processes. Keep your colleagues in sales or account management up to date by sending them notifications based on important lead behavior.

SMS marketing software

Reach your leads wherever they are with SMS

Text messaging is an effective way of communication to reach your leads and customers wherever they are. By customizing the SMS specifically to each recipient, text messaging is marketing with a more personal touch. Use SMS marketing software to send reminders, confirmations, and tickets with barcodes and coupons, to name a few examples.

Grabbing the attention of your recipients is a huge challenge as you compete with every marketer out there. With SMS, you are sure to fit into the mobile lifestyle of your leads and reach them wherever they are. As you can tailor the message specifically to each recipient’s interest and behavior, SMS marketing offers a more personal touch to your communications.

eMarketeer is an approved sender with all SMS technology already in place, meaning that you don’t have to worry about any technical set-up. Plus, eMarketeer’s SMS marketing software supports global delivery; you can reach your recipients wherever they are in the world.

SMSs work for many types of messaging. Reminders, confirmations, tickets with barcodes and coupons are just a few examples. Add SMSs to your marketing mix to make sure you really grab your lead’s attention.

Mobile apps

Add apps to your marketing mix

Keep important information in one place and make it easy for your leads to engage in your content – pretty good reasons to use an app in your marketing. Use one for your events, product information, or internal communications. In eMarketeer, you go from idea to app in no time, as you can build your own without any coding experience.

Building an app is just as easy as building an email

Building an app in eMarketeer requires no coding skills. Just pick a template for your app and design it in the drag-and-drop editor. The app works on any device with an Internet connection and you simply share the app via SMS or email.

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